Integrated cement factory is being founded in Adana Yumurtalık TAYSEP Free Zone under the mark of ‘Sönmez Çimento’ in accordance with decision taken by Sönmez Holding, Kutlucan Corporate Union and Türkün Holding including founder and shareholders of SANÇİM Çimento who is continuing sales-related activities expeditiously in Marmara, Central Anatolia and Aegean Regions.


It is planed that the factory which will be founded in Adana Yumurtalık Free Zone (TAYSEB) will start production activities within 3th quarter of the year 2014. Factory which is started to be founded in December 2012 is an integrated institution and the factory will be one of the most environmentalist Cement factories which are recently designed in conformity with Current Environmental Legislation with high technology dedusting systems. Besides, the factory will protect its environmentalist features with using alternative fuels and renewable energy sources. Sönmez Çimento is the first cement factory which is allowed to be founded within the free zones in Turkiye with its hinterland and a location on an advantageous area because of its closeness to land and sea transportation and raw material sources.


With complementation of investment, Sönmez Çimento will annually produce 1.7 million ton clinker and 2 million ton cement and the large part of its sales will be export-oriented.


Thanks to the factory’s closeness to the harbor, it will be provided that argosies will be loaded very fast.


CEM I 42 R PORTLAND CEMENT , CEM II/A COMPOSE PORTLAND CEMENT , CEM IV 32,5 R type cements will be produced.



Sönmez Çimento Yapı ve Madencilik Sanayi Ticaret A.Ş

Address: Yeni Yalova Yolu 9.Km Sönmez Holding Tesisleri Osmangazi / BURSA
Tel: 0 224 261 04 40 Faks: 0 224 261 04 28

Branch Office: Adana Yumurtalık Serbest Bölge Şubesi Ceyhan / ADANA |