Ship Loading

Sonmez cimento port facility has been established as being the first port in yumurtalik free zone as well as transporting clinker, bagged and bulk cement produced our factory in order to export by vessels.

The produced bulk cement and clinker are transported from silo in the factory to vessels’ holds by conveyor belt on the port. The use of conveyor belt has a competitive edge to achieve high-speed loading rate. More than that vehicle traffic, which used during loading and generated exhaust gas are prevented.
Bagged cements are transported from warehouses in the factory to sonmez port both as a sling bag as a big bag. The proximity of our warehouses has also advangate to dispatch fast for bagged cement.

in accordance with legislation of marpol, solid and liquid wastes of vessels are able to taken to waste acceptance facility.

  1. Pier
    Bulk cement and clinker by conveyor belt
  2. Pier
    Bagged cement and bulk cement by deck and shore crane


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