Clinker Production

“Clinker” is the main component and semi-finished state of cement. The annual clinker capacity of the Sonmez Cement Plant, which produces high quality clinker suitable for all types of cement production, is 1.7 million tons.

Portland Cement Production

önmez Cement offers various cement options to its customers with its annual 2 tons of cement production capacity. Types of cement produced are ASTM C150 Type I and II, ASTM C1157, TS EN 197-1 CEM I 42,5R, CEM I 52,5N, CEM II/B-M (P-V) 42,5R, CEM IV/B-M (P-V) 32,5R, optional low alkali, SRC cement, etc. They are offered to its customers in kraft bag or various polypropylene bags, in 1.5 / 2 mt sling bag or 1.5 mt big bag, cold hood package or bulk.

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